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iQuanti: Life insurance acts as a major source of financial assistance in the event of the death of you or a loved one. Coverage allows families and assets to continue, despite the loss of a source of their daily support.

With this, choosing a life insurance policy is a big deal, and it starts before shopping for life insurance quote. Without the right policy, you risk leaving your loved ones vulnerable to financial hardship. Here are six important things to consider before buying your next life insurance policy.

1. Determine your need

One of the first steps in considering a life insurance policy is to assess your needs. You’ll need to sit down and figure out why you need a life insurance policy and what you’d like it to cover before you shop around.

This process will help you figure out how much you need so you don’t go into the process blindly. At a glance, to calculate your need, you will need to determine your liabilities and subtract your assets from this amount. More detailed calculators are available online to help you more accurately estimate your needs.

2. Decide on beneficiaries

You will need to take some time to determine who will be your beneficiaries on your life insurance policies. Things can get tricky when you enroll a minor, so if you have kids, you might want the beneficiary to be your estate and evicted once they turn 18.

You can also name your spouse as the sole beneficiary with instructions on how the payment should be split, but the process can also be complicated if your spouse dies before you or at the same time. For this reason, you’ll want to discuss payment with any potential company or research the best decision for your situation.

3. Decide between temporary or full coverage

There are two main types of coverage, full (permanent) or term, with each of the life insurance quotes being different. Term life insurance is usually cheaper because it only covers a certain number of years and therefore has lower premiums. Whole life insurance policies cover the entire period of a person’s life, even if they die of natural causes at age 90, but it is more expensive. The right decision for you will depend on your financial capabilities and the amount of coverage you seek.

4. Get a health check

Before applying to life insurance companies, it may be a good idea to do a health check. While some may ask that you have one to even afford a policy with them, making one yourself can be helpful.

This is because life insurance companies will raise their rates if you are in poor health or have a medical condition that increases your risk. Knowing your medical condition ahead of time can allow you to shop around for policies that may be right for you, rather than finding out at the last minute that you no longer qualify.

5. Compare life insurance quotes and benefits

The last thing to do before buying a life insurance policy is to shop around for quotes! There are dozens of reputable life insurance companies with policies that can meet your exact needs. In order to find the best one for your situation, you will need to compare different life insurance quotes and determine which offers the best benefits for the cost.

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5 things to do before buying a life insurance policy