99-year-old man receives insurance policy maturity benefit

Who said life insurance was only for those left behind? At 99, Mrs. Bee Dy is reaping the fruits of her policy.

Mrs. Dy is a grandmother from Davao who has just received the maturity benefit from her Insular Life (InLife) plan. She was already 59 when her late son filed for insurance in 1982.

Mrs. Bee Dy, 99 years old

“She plans to use the money for her maintenance drugs and her MRI,” her daughter Esther Te, the younger of Ms Dy’s two children, said when asked what her mother planned to do with her. the money she received. Always so generous, Mrs. Dy adds that she also intends to give part of it to her grandchildren.

The Dy family lived in Manila and ran Ace Grocery in Echague St., Quiapo, which Mrs. Dy supervised. When they closed it, they opened a pawn shop in Retiro. In 1989, Mrs. Dy joined her daughter in Davao.

When asked how her mother had stayed physically healthy throughout her life, Te revealed that Ms Dy had always practiced healthy living. She is also very diligent, a person who is not prone to anger and has been very religious even in her old age.

Ms Dy is just one of many policyholders who have enjoyed peace of mind over the years knowing they have the financial protection of the world’s first and largest life insurance company. Filipina from the country. Forty years after her insurance application was approved, she is now reaping the benefits, having exceeded her protection period.

“InLife, a 112-year-old company, is proud to share this milestone with Ms. Dy. Even after more than a century of uninterrupted service to the Filipino people, we are satisfied each time we are able to fulfill not only our contractual promise, but also our mission to provide a life for good to our policyholders. We are truly delighted that, once again, we are able to prove this to Mrs. Dy and her family. After all, only an insurance company like InLife, with a strong track record of longevity and integrity, can claim that,” said InLife President and CEO Raoul Antonio E. Littaua.

Te said his older brother had purchased InLife’s Diamond Life Plan, which protects the policyholder’s family in the event of death before age 99. If the policyholder turns 99, the policy expires and the policyholder receives the insurance. advantages.

InLife’s financial advisor, Victoria Carreon Tanting of Davao Mega DSO, facilitated the application and payment of the benefit to Ms Dy.

“I feel honored na Ako ang tinawagan ni ma’am. I am grateful to have been able to serve a 99-year-old insured, hoping that I will also reach that age,” said Tanting, who is also a friend of Te. She made sure the complaints process was quick and hassle-free for her client.

Te said they were grateful that his mother had an insurance plan. They also recognized the importance of having a policy at any age and getting one while still young.

Like Ms. Dy, people close to or already in their final year can still get life insurance when they meet the underwriting requirements. One insurance product they can get is InLife’s brand new Wealth Assure Plus, which people up to age 80 can apply for.

Policyholders can add or attach riders throughout the life of the plan, as needed. Its minimum insurance coverage is 10 times the regular annual premium and policyholders have access to an optional term insurance rider.

You can learn more about Wealth Assure Plus and InLife’s other insurance products by visiting www.insularlife.com.ph. Contact an InLife Financial Advisor to find out which plan best suits your needs and, like Ms. Dy, enjoy financial protection for you and your family.