A Cold-Hearted Insurance Company Phone Rep Isn’t Near As Nice As The Ads – The Betoota Advocate


As the unenviable task of trying to get things done continues for members of flood-affected communities, a reminder about our insurance companies has been issued.

Despite the nice commercials that are shown on TV, confirmation has come that insurance companies are in fact heartless private entities grabbing money.

“Yeah, they’re not exactly smiley and friendly in real life,” sighed a Broadwater-based nurse who tries to manage shifts at a hospital in northern New South Wales while trying to clean up for an event that has just become a national emergency.

“I bought home insurance a few years ago after seeing one of those ads with the beautiful acoustic guitar and the helpful insurance agents helping people pick up the pieces of a natural disaster,” the mother said. of two children.

“They seemed so friendly and nice, and were talking about protecting me, so I signed up.”

“But speaking to the customer service rep, I realized it wasn’t all sunshine after the flood and the insurance payments.”

It comes as a wave of people prepare to get screwed over by their insurance companies.

The Insurance Council of Australia has revealed that 107,844 claims have been made for flooding in New South Wales and south-east Queensland, estimated at $1.62 billion.

Speaking to us about her claim, the Broadwater nurse explained that she is one of those people who will once again be disappointed.

“I don’t know why I do this to myself,” she sighed.

“It turns out that my entire house and its contents cover me against storms, rain and storm damage, and water damage.”

“But all of that is separate from flood damage, which was not in my policy.”

“So that’s great.”

“It’s just awesome, actually.”

“Great that there’s everything else but not that.”

“Don’t give me the fine print shit.”

“I’m not in the mood.”