Comprehensive Coverage and Care – What Makes a Health Insurance Policy “Comprehensive”

An effective health insurance plan is one that is able to protect you holistically, keeping in mind your current state of health and your future events. A plan that is able to meet all of your medical needs is labeled “comprehensive.” But, what exactly is a comprehensive health insurance policy? We’ve broken down what to look for, so you can make the right choice in the future.

Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Inclusions

Full health insurance plan should offer extensive coverage, ranging from the hospitalization itself to the surrounding care needs of the person. Here are some things you should look for covered in a health insurance policy to call it comprehensive.

High sum insured: Will protect you and your family even in the most critical medical emergencies.

Hospitalization in a hospital setting: This is the coverage provided by your health insurance when you are admitted to hospital.

Pre-hospitalization: Includes all tests, medical consultations and other procedures that occur before hospitalization.

Post-hospitalization: This would include medication and post-hospital treatment necessary for a full recovery.

Ambulance costs: Have your transport covered during a medical emergency so that you can be transported worry-free to professional help.

Annual checks: This is essential for keeping an eye on your health in order to anticipate a serious medical emergency in the future.

AYUSH treatment: Ayurvedic treatment is used in conjunction with allopathy to provide patients with a holistic form of healthcare; it is beneficial to have health insurance that also covers this form of treatment.

Day care: Guarantees that even short stays in a hospital will be covered by your health insurance plan.

OPD treatment: This cover will ensure that all expenses surrounding your recovery, apart from your hospitalization, will also be covered by the policy.

Comprehensive health insurance plans will also provide benefits such as premium waiver and multiple sum insured restoration. Multiple sum insured restorations will ensure that your health insurance is still in effect, even if it was used in the same policy year to cover a medical emergency.

Why choose a mutual health insurance?

By opting for comprehensive health insurance, you will be able to benefit from a wider coverage network including a greater number of hospitals. This is imperative because in the event of a medical emergency, getting to the hospital as soon as possible should be your top priority. it becomes less complicated when you know your ambulance costs will be covered.

Knowing you’re comprehensively covered will give you the peace of mind you need for a quick and full recovery. With your health insurance plan protecting both your finances and maintaining your health, you can focus your energy on getting through the circumstances you face.

Many comprehensive health insurance plans will cover pre-existing illnesses and conditions. Although there is a waiting period before this particular feature is covered, it can greatly help in managing conditions such as diabetes.

Comprehensive plans will offer a cumulative bonus up to a certain percentage of your sum assured. This happens when you make no claim the previous year and your sum insured for the following year is increased at no additional cost. Add to that a comprehensive High Sum Insured health insurance plan and you can continue to increase the level of protection you receive. A comprehensive plan will also allow you to add more people to the policy, such as family members, and also offer add-on packages that can supplement the plan with additional benefits.

A plan like ManipalCigna LifeTime Health that gives you all of these features and more can be called “comprehensive.” The high sum insured of Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 3 Crores will ensure that you are supported in every medical emergency, and the pre and post hospitalization covers will ensure that your recovery will be as smooth as your hospitalization process. The plan also comes with Add-On Critical illness coverensuring that you have support even in the most difficult medical emergencies.

Comprehensive health insurance is the best way to protect not only your health, but also your finances. The more comprehensive your policy is covered, the less of a financial burden medical emergencies become.

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