Cute insurance company video on what home means for same-sex couples highlights need for equal rights for LGBTQ+ people in HK

A sweet video from an insurance company showing what home means for same-sex couples highlights the need for equal protection for LGBTQ+ people in Hong Kong.

The video, which is around 2.5 minutes long, was posted by OneDegree to its social media accounts on Wednesday and features interviews with nine same-sex couples about what home means to them.

Interviewees described the house as “where you can be yourself” and “where I can drop my defense”.

Some also gave honest accounts of what it means to live together.

“It’s when you share the bed with a blanket pig,” one interviewee said.

“He always puts his leg on my shoulder like that,” added another.

But in the end, many couples said home was where the other was.

Respondents also spoke of the importance of giving loved ones a place to call home, “providing them with a quality life” and “protecting them from the unexpected”.

“Not all homes are the same, but the needs are universal,” the insurance company said in the video’s closing remarks.

The company said in the message accompanying the video that, under its home insurance policy, same-sex couples can also enjoy the same protection as those who are married as long as they live together, because each family must be protected in the same way.

OneDegree joins a growing list of insurance companies offering policies covering same-sex couples in Hong Kong, where marriage and civil unions between them are still not legally recognised.

Other companies that have added such protections to their coverage include Prudential, Manulife and HSBC Insurance.