Here’s Why Every Individual Should Have a Personalized Health Insurance Policy

Medical emergencies, by their nature, are unpredictable and can occur without warning. It is therefore relevant for every individual to have health insurance so that their physical and financial health is always enhanced. Against a backdrop of inflation and rising health care costs, health insurance has established itself as a cost-effective method of financing risk. A well-rounded health insurance plan provides extensive financial coverage that includes treatment costs in India and abroad, in addition to hospitalization costs, diagnostic costs, ambulance and drug bills, and the facility of instant payments for greater financial flexibility.

The need to opt for personalized health insurance plans

It is important to remember that health is a largely personal matter and its degree differs from person to person and depends on the different stages and circumstances in which we find ourselves in life. For example, the risk of certain medical problems increases with age. In addition to this, health is also largely determined by the lifestyle we lead. These variables such as age, lifestyle, and stage of life, among others, influence our general health needs and determine what our health insurance policies should cover. For any individual, a personalized health insurance policy allows for more personal choice, freedom and flexibility. It also enables individuals to make effective and efficient health care decisions that they can customize based on their changing lifestyles and priorities. Thus, it is more important than ever to secure your health with a comprehensive health insurance plan.


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To help individuals get more personalized benefits on their health insurance policy, general insurance company Reliance has designed the
Reliance Health Gain Insurance Plan– a comprehensive health insurance policy which comes with a list of benefits such as cashless hospitalization, unlimited reinstatement of basic insured amount, dual coverage, air ambulance, consumables coverage, improved pre- and post-hospitalization expenses and many additional features. This policy includes three different plans Plus, Power and Prime that an individual can choose according to their needs.

Let’s see what the policy entails:

Double coverage on the same claim: The policy offers the insured an additional 100% of the basic sum insured to be used on the same claim. This means that you get double coverage on the same claim.

Unlimited reinstatement of the basic sum insured: With the health gain plan, the insurance buyer can restore his basic sum insured as many times as he depletes it in a year for an unrelated illness/injury. In fact, with this coverage, they can also use up to 100% of the basic sum insured for related illnesses/injuries.

Hospital fund and consumable cover: The policy provides daily cash for 30 days for normal hospitalization for more than 72 hours. In the event of hospitalization in intensive care, the policyholder will receive 2x the normal hospitalization money for 15 days.

Guaranteed cumulative bonus: As enhanced coverage, the policy gives you the option of keeping your unused cumulative bonus intact even in the event of a claim.

Reduce the waiting period for pre-existing conditions: In order to strengthen the overall benefits of the policy, it is accompanied by a reduction of the waiting period from 3 years for expenses related to the treatment of pre-existing conditions to only 1 year.

Modern processing around up to 100%: The policy also offers policyholders the option of
In increase their coverage for modern treatment methods to 100% of the sum insured.

Large sum assured option Rs 3 Lakhs to 1 crore: The policy understands the needs of different categories of insurance buyers and hence it offers an expansive sum assured option that starts from Rs 3 Lakhs and goes up to Rs 1 crore.

Select the hospital room rental: By making the policy as flexible as possible, it gives insurance buyers the ability to increase or decrease their hospital room rental limits or even upgrade or downgrade their room category as they see fit. wish.

Loyalty benefits on annual renewal (beyond the insured capital ceiling): Reliance General Insurance is probably introducing the industry’s first loyalty benefits to this plan and therefore, at renewal each year, it adds a coverage benefit to the insured’s policy at no additional cost. This varies with each renewal year, regardless of claims.

Cover up to 12 family members in the same floating family contract: We understand the value of family and therefore Under the plan’s floating family unit, the insurance buyer can cover up to 12 members in a single policy. It has three options-

1. Plus – maximum of 2 adults (me + spouse) and 6 children

2. Power – maximum of 4 adults (me + spouse + a group of dependent parents or in-laws) and 6 children

3. Premium – maximum of 6 adults (me + spouse + dependent parent set + in-law set) and 6 children

With all of this and more, Reliance’s health gain policy stands out as one of the most comprehensive health insurance policies an individual can choose. However, as someone looking for health insurance, one of the best ways to make the policy work for you is to make a statement of all your pre-existing medical conditions such as diagnosed illnesses, medical history illness/hospitalization/surgery or major accidental injury and complete all necessary checks and tests before purchasing the policy. It is also important to read the type of illnesses that insurance companies define as pre-existing conditions to avoid problems when it comes time to make a claim.

Although buying a
health insurance policy may not look like a financial investment at face value, it can go a long way in protecting you against unfortunate events that may result in significant monetary loss. On top of that, health insurance also comes with Section 80D benefits, giving you the ability to reduce your tax liability.

If you want personalized benefits on your health insurance plan and enjoy financial freedom at every stage of your life, RGI’s Health Gain Plan is for you.

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Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of RGI by the Times Internet Spotlight Team.