New traffic rules: these errors will deprive you of insurance benefits

With the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, the number of accidents and fatalities is increasing. To reduce the incidents of traffic violations that often lead to accidents, many strict measures have been taken recently.

Apart from imposing heavy fines for violating traffic rules as instructed by the court, the rules for insurance claims have also been changed and the new rules will be implemented by insurance companies and transport services from April 1, 2022.

Under the new rules, the following errors would render you ineligible to make insurance claims or obtain insurance benefits:


No insurance coverage will be available if the number of passengers traveling by car and two-wheeler exceeds the permitted number.

Riding without a helmet

No insurance coverage will be available for people riding two-wheelers without wearing a helmet.

Driving on the wrong side

Not only will no compensation be awarded to people who drive their vehicle on the wrong side of the road, but no lawsuits can be brought after an accident against those who drive their vehicle on the correct side of the road.

Also, to compensate for the loss incurred by those on the correct side of the road, if an accident occurs due to driving on the wrong side by others, a sum of up to Rs 20 lakh will be recovered from the violators. traffic rules. Violators would face up to 14 years in prison, in case the money could not be recovered even by selling the offenders’ assets.

Drunk driving

There will be no insurance coverage for drunk drivers and in the event of an accident, no compensation will be due to such drivers for any loss.

Talk on mobile

The above violation rules will apply to a person found talking on a mobile and the same penalty will apply even if they are wearing a helmet, driving on the correct side and/or driving without drinking alcohol.


Like talking on mobile, all penalties will be applicable to fast-driving vehicles exceeding speed limits.

try to influence

In case a person tries to influence to avoid punishment in the above cases, the person’s driver’s license will be revoked.

Punishment for inaction

If an officer concerned, responsible for taking action in the above violations, does not initiate any action, he will be suspended from his duties for a period of three years without any performance of service.

Not wearing a seat belt

No compensation will be due to a person driving without a seat belt.