Virtual reality is more dangerous than ever, insurance company says

According to British multinational insurance company Aviva, insurance claims related to VR gaming incidents increased by 31% in 2021. This coincided with the medium becoming more popular and accessible. Since 2016, these complaints have increased overall by 68%.

Kelly Whittington, property claims director for Aviva in the UK, told the Guardian: “As new games and gadgets become popular, we often see this reflected in the claims made by our customers.” According to Whittington, however, injuries related to games or other time-passing activities are not too uncommon. “In the past, we’ve seen similar trends involving consoles with handsets, fitness games, and even rogue spinners.”

Whittington noted that the majority of VR-related insurance claims often come from gamers accidentally breaking an object in their home — like a television or glass table — while waving their arms around. Other common occurrences involve players accidentally hitting a family member or friend. So far, it looks like Aviva has specifically accepted claims related to such incidents. However, according to Whittington, VR gamers should review their insurance policy to “ensure it meets their needs” for accidental damage coverage.