Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company Becomes First Insurer to Obtain CSIO Claims Certification eDocs

TORONTO, ON, APRIL 4, 2022/inPRESS – CSIO congratulates Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company (Wawanesa) for being the first insurer to achieve CSIO Claims eDocs Certification – Phase 1 (Notice of Opening, Reopening and Closing of Claims). By becoming certified, Wawanesa demonstrates that the Claims eDocs implementation meets CSIO standards. The certification enables the seamless exchange of electronic claim documents between Wawanesa’s systems and the broker management systems (BMS) of their broker partners.

Claims eDocs allow brokers to access valuable information related to a customer’s claim directly from their BMS, reducing back and forth between brokers and insurers, thereby streamlining the claims process. This translates directly into more time for brokers to serve their clients, in addition to shorter wait times for policyholders to have their questions answered, as more information is readily available to brokers. Phase 1 of the Claims eDocs certification includes opening notice, which means that brokers are informed of the type of claim declared by their client when it is entered into the insurer’s system. Brokers are then immediately able to tailor their claims process to the specific needs of the client, dramatically improving the client experience.

“Wawanesa is committed to supporting brokers by investing in solutions that reduce friction throughout a policy’s lifecycle,” said Mike Wachal, Director, Digital Services, Wawanesa and Advisory Board Member of Wawanesa. INNOTECH. “That’s why getting this CSIO certification is so important. Paperless workflows and digital efficiency make a big difference, so we acted quickly to benefit our broker partners and customers. »

The Phase 1 certification covers use cases related to the initiation and closure of claims that have been established by CSIO’s Innovation and Emerging Technologies (INNOTECH) Claims Task Force, comprised of industry representatives, including brokers, insurers and software vendors. Phase 2 claims eDocs certification, which Wawanesa is expected to complete by the end of 2022, includes use cases that provide information on how the claim is handled, such as assigning an adjuster .

“Customers facing a claim rely on their insurers and brokers to help them navigate the claims process, which is why it was important for the industry to come together to create a digital solution that makes the claims process easier for everyone involved,” Catherine said. Smola, President and CEO of CSIO. “I commend Wawanesa for being the first insurer to achieve CSIO certification for claims eDocs. As more providers and insurers program Claims eDocs, digital operations across the industry will continually improve.

Watch this short video to get a closer look at the benefits of claims (and billing) eDocs for customers, insurers and brokers. Insurers and providers can email Certification@csio.com to learn more about Claims eDocs certification.


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About Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, founded in 1896, is one of the largest mutual insurance companies in Canada, with annual revenues of $4.2 billion and assets of $11.3 billion. Wawanesa Mutual, headquartered in Winnipeg, is the parent company of Wawanesa General, which provides property and casualty insurance in California and Oregon; Wawanesa Life, which offers life insurance products and services across Canada; and Western Financial Group, which distributes personal and commercial insurance in Western Canada. With more than 5,700 employees, Wawanesa proudly serves more than two million policyholders in Canada and the United States. Wawanesa actively gives back to organizations that strengthen the communities where it operates, donating well above internationally recognized standards of excellence in corporate philanthropy. Learn more at wawanesa.com.

For more information, please contact:

Brad Hartle
Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company